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Our goal is to bring together the cutest Japanese fabrics, organic fabrics, washi tape, craft supplies and products in one place, where anyone can find something that makes them smile and inspires them to be creative.

So what is Maigo, anyways?

Short answer: Maigo means "lost child" in Japanese.

Long answer: I was nicknamed "Maigo" by a friend many, many years ago because I frequently got lost in Japan during a semester abroad.  I found that it fit me quite well on many levels, since I also felt quite confused as to the direction of my career.  

After years bouncing from one thing to another, I decided to really try to shake off the "lost child" feeling by going back to my real inspirations.  I've always loved crafting and creating things, and I take great pleasure in finding unique, delightful, and super cute items and supplies.  I wanted to share these things with other people, and this is how Maigo, this website, was born.

I'm mostly inspired by the Japanese "kawaii" aesthetic, and that is what has guided me in choosing what to offer on the site.  Not everything is Japanese, but everything is cute!  If I look at something and "OMGs" explode inside my brain, I know it's a winner.

I hope you find joy in these items and let them nurture your inner child as they have mine!

By the way, I'm actually pretty good with directions.  Unless I'm driving in New Jersey.

How do you pronounce "Maigo"?

Although it looks like "MAY-go", it's actually pronounced "MY-go".

What's up with the blob dude?

That's about it in a nutshell, he's a blob dude, and he's super cute in our very biased opinion!  He's our little mascot, and he likes to try his hand at all kinds of crafts.

And thanks go to.....

First, a shout out to Robyn, aka roboppy, aka The Girl Who Ate Everything, for helping to bring the little blob dude to life and for taking many of the photos on this site.  She's a stellar photographer, a hilarious writer/tweeter, and a kick-ass doodler.  Her existence embodies cuteness to the highest degree.

Thanks also to LeeAnne and Melissa for their excellent modeling.  We have a lovely collection of Shinzi Katoh handbags and totes and they are made lovelier by the hands that hold them!  Don't you agree?

Thanks to Grace, who just happened to be around when I expected deliveries and carried many boxes of.... boxes for me.

And thanks to many unnamed others for their constant support, helping this lost child find her way!